There many places where you can find a door but they are not all the same. Important factors to consider are visual appeal, durability and security just to name a few.

At Stoneburner we carry doors that meet all of those criteria and more. And unlike the big box stores our team knows all about the products we sell allowing us to answer your questions. In addition, we can deliver and install your door if needed.

One of our skilled team members will carefully install your door at your home or business, we won’t send out a third-party contractor.


Your entry door should have it all: beauty, strength, security, and energy efficiency. Our entry doors give you the features you are looking for, with a variety of options to customize the look of your door to reflect your home’s unique style.

Once you experience a Therma-Tru entryway, you’ll want to enhance every doorway in your home with our attractive, durable doors.


For many people, the entryway between house and garage is the most-used door in the home. Whether your garage leads into your kitchen, mudroom or hallway, you want that door to be durable enough to handle daily traffic, and reflect your personal style.

Patio and Veranda

Consider your patio or veranda. A hinged or French door system connects your outdoor living spaces to the rest of your home. Not only do you invite more natural light and air into your home, but you also add architectural interest to your outdoor spaces. For large patios and poolsides, combine three doors for an even grander entrance.

Sliding Patio Doors

Whatever your needs or budget, we have a patio door that is just right for you!

Look outside. The blue sky, warm sunlight, natural beauty—your sliding patio doors invite these simple pleasures into your home. Cold winter air, hot summer days, high energy costs—our fusion-welded frames and Warm-Edge glass technology protect your home from the elements and put money back into your wallet. Invest in our sliding patio doors; we think you’ll like what you see.

Storm Doors

Meet the next generation storm door with a hidden closer.

Introducing the first storm door collection with a hidden closer and patent pending Click&Hold™ technology.  The closer is built into the storm door and out of sight, enhancing the inside-out view.  The built-in closer storm door has the ultimate performance that utilizes a professional grade closer that has been tested and proven to perform in any climate.

The new Fullview or Retractable ScreenAway doors feature a hidden closer with Click&Hold™ design that holds the door open with an audible catch & release, ensuring the door will be held in place.  These premier doors feature our thickest, maintenance-free aluminum frames and overlapping edge with dual weatherstripping for our tightest seal.