The CAMO DRIVE and Clip System is the fastest way in the industry to fasten Groove board decking! It will be 50% faster than any other current method. Thus saving tremendous amounts of labor costs while offering the quality of an all stainless steel product rather than plastic clips…

If you install decking regularly, or even on occasion, you’re likely on the lookout for any possible way to save time! Let’s be honest here, time is MONEY!!! At Stoneburner, we’re always working to find the newest and best options on the market to help our customers. As well as offer our valued customers ways to save time and money… 

We recently became the only location in the Harrisonburg area to stock the new CAMO DRIVE decking system. CAMO DRIVE is half the price of other standup fastening tools. Best of all the speed it offers will also drive your overall cost down and profit on the job up! And since it can be used on ANY decking material, this easy-to-use, versatile, affordable, and body-saving deck installation tool is a MUST HAVE!

Work faster with the Camo Drive and clip system! 

Stoneburner is the Shenandoah Valley's CAMO DRIVE Distributor. Call us or come in today!

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