Why YOU should consider a “Materials Pack” for your next project!

One of the chief appeals of building your own structure is the ability to have exactly what you want. In a world of mass production and McMansions, a quality structure built on your property is something special.

Working from one of our materials packs lets you accomplish that within a manageable framework, even if you’re not a master builder. Using a material pack will minimize the purchase of extra unneeded materials and provide some expert consultation making your project less costly because of planning or purchasing errors.

Adaptability is a major advantage of a material pack from Stoneburner Inc. We can supply a material pack to build the cabin, barn, outbuilding or even commercial/ farm structure you’re interested in. It all starts with a consultation with one of our estimators where we listen to what your needs are and help you through the rest of the process.

Our planning advice included in the material pack process can also ensure that your construction complies with building codes. You’ll know that your plan has been reviewed by experienced builders who want your project to be successful.

Price can also be appealing, as labor is a major factor; if you build the cabin yourself, you don’t have to pay anyone else to do it.

Your own cabin for $7,500? Why would anyone choose not to use one of our material packs?

And for those looking for a full service turn-key contractor we also offer Class A fully licensed and insured contracting services.


Our knowledgeable estimators are here to quote new construction or repairs for you.

Speak to them at: 540-434-2466

Material Packs

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