Why Should You Start a Career with Stoneburner?

If you’re just looking for a paycheck, a place to punch in & punch out without any focus on providing value to a customer, this isn’t the right place for you! If you’re excited about being a number and having no idea who signs the checks, this is absolutely not the right place for you! If you’re not concerned about doing quality work that makes a difference for a customer, there are plenty of other places where you should fit in just fine.

But if you’re interested in joining a strong team that’s focused on continuous improvement, you may want to check us out… (We’re always working to implement new ways of improving our processes to increase productivity, raise profitability, AND share that profitability at all levels of the organization!) If you’d like to be part of a team that values a family atmosphere and makes decisions based on what’s best for EVERYONE involved (the customer, the employees, and the owners), we believe you’d enjoy being part of our team. If you’re looking for a career in a field that has an ever-increasing demand for top talent and gives you the chance to take pride in a job well done, the construction field is certainly that!

We offer competitive pay and benefits, but more importantly we offer an environment where you can grow. We value people that want to make a difference for the customers they work with each day. And while there are certainly places that may pay more for an entry-level skill set, we’ll help you grow into a role that few companies can compete with!

If you’re still reading, We’d love to talk with you in more detail about whether or not a career with Stoneburner is the right fit for you.

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